Excellent work and international awards

 Coveted hairdressing trophies, international awards and appearances run like a red thread through Thommy Stöber's life. The list of awards includes the world and victories at several World and European Cups (2002 - 2014): winner at the Italian Grand Prix and Oscar de la Coiffure from the Confederation Mondial de la Coiffure - Paris; World Cup victories and top 3 positions in Osaka, Japan, Korea and Italy; Trend shows in the Kremlin in Moscow and Macau / China, in one of the largest casinos in the world, the Venetion Macao.Thommy won the European Cup  in Berlin; Paris Award; 3rd place at the World Cups in Bangkok / Thailand and Busan / Korea. No less illustrious and well-known the appearances for shootings and shows in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Vladivostok, the russian Federation, Thesaloniki / Greece, Naples - Brinidsi / Italy, Bangkok / Thailand, Busan / Korea, Osaka / Japan, Paris and of course again and again Germany.

International engagement with a solid foundation

Thommy Stöber has been closely associated with the hairdressing trade since his youth and used his earlier professional years as a journeyman and master hairdresser to learn from the best in the industry and to constantly develop his skills. The Vice President CAT / CMC (Cercles des Arts et Technique / Confederation Mondial de la Coiffure) Germany is an advocate of traditional education. A solid foundation, specialist knowledge and craftsmanship are the basis for top trends and professional development. As trainer and team coordinator of the German national team, the Confederation Mondial de la Coiffure - Germany, Thommy remains on the cutting edge of fashion.

Thommy Stöber always develops his own color techniques and also passes on his skills internationally to the industry.

Skill and competence - passed on with enthusiasm

Because he has never lost his curiosity and wants to learn new things himself, he likes to share his own skills with others in the industry. Thommy Stöber is not only at home in competitions, but also in workshops and seminars on the stages of the world.
VIPs rely on his competence and let him fly in.
... down to earth ...

How the international fashion & trend presenter Michael Jung described him:

"In any case, he is an earthstanding nice guy"